What do you hunt? Where is your eyes headed? Catching emotional moments is what hunters do in Feelimn. For example, you can find frustrated face of pitcher who is looking at the ball flying to home-run fence. He is more worried when it is more important game. Or when you get into fight with your lover, you can find desperate anger ir fear in his/her face. These won’t go away from your memory quickly that could hurt you for a period of time.

I got the impression that painter is a hunter from famous painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer. People will receive different feeling from it, but I would like to tell you my thoughts. A girl on the painting turned around to look at where she heard familiar and warm voice which is from painter. I believe this facial expression is remembered and painted by Johannes Vermeer. He caught the moment that contain emotion. It provokes vivid imagination that will provide source for our dream. I believe we get inspiration consciously or unconsciously in pursuing our own goal in reality. Only feelings leave in our memory whether it’s from past or dream at night. Recognizing feeling itself would give direction as we continue on living our world. Paintings based on emotional moments are being created by hunters. Would you like to join on these hunters adventure in Feelimn online gallery?


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