Thoughts On Feelimn

I’m not center of Feelimn online gallery. I’m not an important part. Feelimn don’t exist without artists and their artworks. No one seems to be interested in Feelimn now. Artists might be truly busy to find job and money. Feelimn is online gallery where artists upload their artworks, and patrons support their art making monetarily. I created it for the artists. They don’t have to pay money to upload their artworks. I started this idea because I loved to feel emotions like everyone does. As I write down the emotional scenes that artists can refer to, I’m happy that I can be a center in my blog with my writings.

But I began to think I may be wrong. I’m not professional art dealer. I don’t know how artists think of online gallery. Artists would have their own reason to draw and paint. They need to earn money by selling their artworks. No one would want to draw for others for free. If I’m an artists, would I want to draw someone else’s world for him? I’m not sure. I don’t have money to commission them to draw what I want. My writings are abstract and specific at the same time. Who should artists draw from that situation? I think I’m requesting too much.

I love to write emotional moments and scenes. It is like short stories. I get out of my reality and go into imaginary situations. I should focus on people and situation to describe small details. I love to catch and write it down. It is sometimes personal or general, and sometimes it is my fantasy of wishes. Or it is regret and jealousy. I get the ideas from many things. As I make scene, I like to substitute girl in the situation wishing to attract her into my life. Also I like seeing the happenings such as behaviors, gestures, talking, looking, and facial expressions. After all, the facial expression is the key which is derived from powerful emotion. The situation that people would nod their heads because they get to understand the emotion itself. I don’t have many friends, so I don’t interact with people well. People could say that I have a problem in making relationship with them. So it might be the reason why I like to write these emotional moments which I can rarely find in real life.

As I keep writing and try harder, I’ve come to think of Feelimn more than before. I kind of lose the purpose or identity of why I do this since there are no artists who are willing to upload artworks in Feelimn. There are endless moments. I have a passion. But I’m not sure where I’m going. I won’t give up on writing. I think it will be just less frequent. I genuinely appreciate everyone who reads my posts. Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Thoughts On Feelimn

  1. I didn’t know about the gallery. I guess the true artist doesn’t do his/her work for money, or seeks for a popularity at any cost either. Art is an emotion going with the thoughts and words unheard, and gained melodies and biological rhythms. Once I’ve told her that art is an individual craft and a mess as much incomprehensible as it is not. Therefore, may be, they isolate themselves. Some try to seem to be a success but in fact they are not. Some can be haughty not to respond to the unexpected requests preferring to stick to the popularized “monopolies” or stay somewhere in their own “vessel”. It’s always the choice. So far I do like your ideas and thoughts and do support them. You’ve come across me quite recently and accidentally, and now I respond, indulging with these incomplete and random musings.


  2. Thank you for your support Yuriy. Your comment gives me specific concept and idea how artists view their works. Especially about how art comes to artists. You are definitely right that some artist don’t want to expand art platform as bigger networks already exist. I hope that artists get interested in Feelimn with the idea of targeting more specific emotions.


  3. I think everything takes time and effort. No one knows how it will turn out to be. As soon they will “scent” something and feel the perspective and the steadiness in the place to exhibit their works they will be eager to stay there to cherish their ego. Sometimes I tend to believe that some are reluctant to the experiments or they did have some unfavorable or adverse experiences they don’t want to say about. Why do I think this way? I also tried to involve people into a magazine I wished to have (I still wish) but I can’t do everything by myself. It takes much effort to devote your time to something you like and possessed with and then you see zero results. But nonetheless you continue because you know it’s yours and you can’t discontinue it in a such simple way inasmuch as you may dismantle yourself eventually. Walk in beauty ~


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