Constant Tree

It’s afternoon. Up on the hill, there is a tree called Constant Tree. It’s easy to climb. He is climbing the tree and looking at the flowers that look like gathering of dust or cloud. Some people who are wearing gas masks come near him to pick up the fallen cloudy flowers. He comes down the tree. Then these people try to take a picture of him. He yells, “Stop it,” and walks away.

He goes down to town and walks around. The sky is getting dark. It’s a beautiful town.

She says, “It’s no fun to talk with him. I will listen for you.”

He says, “Have you ever heard of Constant Tree? It’s up there. But it’s too dark now. hmm.. I think it’s more beautiful at night.”

Her boyfriend appears and comes to her. He just go alone. He pass him by. They kiss behind him.

He is standing in front of Constant Tree. She followed him. He talks to her, “Like I said, it’s a beautiful tree.”


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