Her in the Picture

I saw you and your friends smiling in the picture. There are four people including you in the picture. You must have had good time at that night with foods and alcohols in the picture. Other two people look like they are brother and sister but the other guy is another guy. He looks little bit older than you or me. He is not as much handsome as me but he is handsome. You blushed faintly with a slight smile. My mind might have been more comfortable if you were making a big smile like you are having a good time with your friends. But you smile like you are shy in front of him. I think something happened between you and him, before or after. I’m confused. I wonder who that guy is to you. Now I can’t stop imagining him whenever I look at your face. You definitely had fun at that night. I wish I did not see this picture. I wish I was cooler than I am. But I’m not.


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