We were having a last dinner that day. It was early dinner at 4 pm. She said she doesn’t like rain outside. The sky was cloudy and blue. The wind was chilly. She said she likes champions league soccer match on tv like I do. She said she thinks the soccer player, Thomas Müller, is handsome. She said she doesn’t want to go to class today. She said that more than 3 times. I thought she really doesn’t want to go to class that day. She said it is not important class today so she doesn’t have to go there. She asked what I’m gonna do after dinner. I replied, nothing much. we walked in the rain together. She stopped talking. So I threw meaningless questions. She didn’t seem to want to go to class. At the branch road, I think she wanted to say something but she swallowed it. She went to class that day. It was the last dinner we had.


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