It’s always the same. These two different hobbies I get interested in always turn out the same later. I mean the results of feeling. They look intriguing and attractive at first. I’m curious how they will go and how they will stimulate my nerves. I sometimes rush too fast, so I miss out some important parts. I should focus on reading the details they suggest. I forget how much time I’m spending on them. When certain amounts of time pass, I start to lose interest in them. It was fearful journey but I’m glad I could see myself going through the fear on my own to reach some points in exploration. Sometimes I can’t finish till the end. When I decide to move on, I can’t wait to see how interesting next issue will be. I think I can forget everything about them at once and move on to next one. Then I remember that I always forget it is not how they work. But I will never be able to stop my hobbies.


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