The people look for the eternity. They try to own it forever. Their words and behaviors draw eternity.

Nothing lasts forever.

However, I don’t know if their desires are meaningless and if it is bad.

I inevitably look for someone similar to you. I’m afraid of looking for the past you. I’m afraid of the present you. I’m afraid of admitting the fact that I cannot make you mine forever. I’m afraid of the reality I cannot return to that moment. I’m afraid of bygone days, this world, and people. You may already know that I’m afraid of everything. You know I’m not a confident one. But you will not know that I don’t care.

I don’t have a power. Likewise, I don’t even have a energy to compromise with world little by little. I don’t rely on luck. However, I want to believe that someone will change me. That someone is close to me. I believe that someone will come close to whisper the promises. Although even that promises are not eternal, I will throw myself as I’m told to do because I’m afraid of you and everything.


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