Unending Time

I pray for unending time whenever I meet you. Time goes fast, said every old men I have met in my life. It is indeed fast. Time has been too short to express my feelings. Loving is an unfamiliar behavior for me, but if this conversion is not a love I don’t know what is. I’m thinking of you in every moment, but I’m becoming insecure. I will love you without anyone knowing it. I will love you even after I am born again. We have met in an improbable odds. Among all the countries in this world, all the states, all the cities, and out of all the people we have passed by, we met in this place. You might say it is too early for us to say love. You might think of me as a frivolous man. If you trust me, my time will stop. I will not say anything anymore. Say yes. Say that you will always be in the unending time with me.


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