He is sitting on the top of the car alone looking at the stars. She came to him and asked,
“What are you doing here?”
He replied, “Nothing. I’m just looking at the night sky.”
She sat next to him looking far away. She said,
“Did you know that people saw shooting stars from here? This is the place where you can see the stars well.”
“I didn’t know that.”
“I hope I could see shooting star tonight so I can make a wish. There might be one tonight, who knows?” she said looking at the far sky above the mountain.
“I’m really glad that I met you, my precious friends. When I look at us, I know we are the path we have been walking on and we will be walking on. Do you see that bright star over there?” She pointed at the sky. “Look at the stars in front of us. That is our future. We have had a lot of difficulties to get here. We will be able to overcome them again and again. It’s scary sometimes that we might not achieve our dream, but we will keep chasing it.” She held his hand. Let’s not stop here and walk toward the future.”
He looked at her and thought, ‘You are the light. You are the light that shines the stars brighter. You are the brightest in my eyes. Sometimes, my eyes are too dazzling to see you, but can I stay with you?’


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