On The Street

Julia met Ethan on the street near his home after Julia called him several times. When she found him walking toward her from far distance, she started walking toward him almost running. Julia threw herself in his arms. She said, “I missed you so much, Ethan. I’ve thought of you and lived loneliness every night, but you never came back,” as she looked up at his eyes.
Ethan hugged her and said, “I’m sorry. I have been busy because of works.”
She said, “What were you doing these days? Were you that busy? I couldn’t hear from you.”
He replied as he stroked her hair, “I will be with you for a long time tonight.”
She said, “I hope the time stops so I can be with you in this moment forever. I want to stay in permanent time with you.”
“Me too. I feel the same.”
She kept looking at Ethan’s eyes in his arms. He found her mouth trembling as if she is about to cry by his reply. He said with smile,
“You are cute when you look at me like that.”
She smiled little bit and kept looking at him with the same eyes. She felt her emotions passing by in her head,
‘I believe we will never be apart. I believe you. Tell me you believe me too. Tell me you are mine. Show me your heart and show me your dream. May I stay with you? Would you still love me? Please be my only one person for my life.’
Ethan knew what it meant for her and him. He stroked her hair one more time.
He said, “Don’t worry, Julia. I will always stay by your side. Do you believe me?”
She nodded and held him tighter. They stayed there for a while feeling each other.


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