Andy came into the classroom and sat in one of the chairs in the sixth-row seat from the front. He saw her sitting in the second-row seat. Some of the students are already sitting on the chair individually or together with their friends. One by one, they are still coming into the classroom through the door from the behind of it. The classroom is not that big or small. It’s a first day of the new semester. The students are quietly waiting for the time until the professor comes into the classroom. A few of them are talking to each other in low voices. He can see her back from where he is sitting. He is looking at her still talking with her friend. He could see her profile every time she turned her head.
He thought, ‘It seems I came a long way to see her today. Here I sit in the unfamiliar classroom not knowing what to do or say. All the new people are sitting here with me but all I can see is her back. I’m the only stranger left sitting in the middle of nowhere looking at her in wonder. Everything I thought before I came here stays under me. I wonder if this is how my life is meant to be. Now I’m here just to see her face again. If she is meant to be in my life, it will happen.’
When the professor came to the classroom, the classroom became quiet. The professor put his bag on his desk in front of the classroom. Everyone is focusing on him expecting him to say to start the first class.


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