Room and Hospital

Andy thought, ‘After a long time passed, I would just cry myself someday.’ The outside was getting dark and so did his room. He moved to his bed and dozed off for after few hours lying on his bed.
He was with her in a dream. He was on a chair. She was sitting on his thigh face to face, surrounding his neck with her arms. She smiled at him. He felt her love. She was finally loving him back as he had wished and prayed. He hugged her tight and vowed himself with tears in his eyes that he will love her forever.
The tears flew from his closed eyes. Then he opened his eyes waking up from the sleep. The room was still dark. He thought, ‘I wouldn’t be able to forget her face even though I try to forget her. I wouldn’t be able to erase her name even though I try to erase her name.’ He determined himself that he will tell her that he loved her from the time he met her, and he has loved her from the first time he saw her when he could meet her again. He closed his eyes again.

Julia slowly opened her eyes. She was lying down on the bed in a hospital room. She knew she woke up from the sleep, but the room was so dark that she couldn’t see anything around her. She slowly woke up her body from the bed. As she was getting up her body, someone touched her hand and said,
“Julia, Julia. Thank God you woke up. Julia.”
It was her mother’s relieved voice.
“Mom? Where am I?”
“You are in a hospital. How are you feeling? Are you okay? I was so worried about you.”
“Mom. Where are you? I can’t see you. It’s so dark in here.” She said in a trembling voice.
Julia felt something from her mother’s voice that made her uneasy. She was getting insecure about her mother and herself.
“You have to listen to me Julia. Doctor said you might not be able to see anymore.”
Julia thought she knows what it means that she wanted to cry. But she tried to get a grip on herself.
“What are you talking about?”
“Do you remember the accident? There was a car accident. Do you remember it?”
“The car accident. I remember it. Ethan. I remember talking to him in his arms.”
“Everyone thought you are dead. It was a big accident. I prayed and prayed to God to save you. Julia, I’m so happy you are alive.”
She hugged Julia and started to cry. Julia hugged her back and closed her eyes.


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