Air Force

Andy quitted his job.
“I’m sorry I selfishly get my own way. It’s just… I can’t work anymore. I need time for myself.”
It was the last words that he left before he got out of the company. He did not want to meet the people, so he stayed in his room. Sometimes, he was looking out of the window watching sunrise and sunset. He fell asleep whenever he lost his all energy. His memories were turning into dagger in his heart that was killing him every day. He was always worn out. It seemed impossible to carry on his life again. Every night and day he woke up from the beautiful dreams. However, the reality was getting worse. He was running out of money because he was not working anymore. Furthermore, he still had a debt to pay back for his loan from college tuition.
Three months flied. When he was lying down on the bed as usual, he remembered the recruiting notice of U.S. Air Force from the board in the college. He once thought that Julia might see him again if he becomes an officer in Air Force. He visited the nearest Air Force recruiting center. The requirements didn’t seem simple and easy, but he knew he will be able to do it. The requirements followed as taking Air Force Officer Qualifying Test, attending Officer Training school, and bunch of flight trainings. It would take time to become a pilot in Air Force, but he wanted to find something to focus on because he was living a miserable life. This could be the time to do something else in his life. As soon as he decided to join the military, he focused on studying and training to become a pilot in Air Force. Everything was not easy at first, but he thought it was not a bad decision to become a part of the U.S. military as he got used to the trainings.
Andy successfully finished all the training and he became an officer which is a second lieutenant. His first duty station was ordered in Azraq, Jordan which is called Muwaffaq Salti Air Base. The Middle East was too hot compare to his hometown. When he got out of the airport in Jordan, the burning wind went over his whole body that he was sweating in 15 minutes. He thought it was unlucky to be deployed from the beginning of his career. Although the weather was crazy hot, the post he was going to live was alright. The air condition was fully working whole day and the facilities were great as well. He went through the in-processing at his unit. As he was getting used to the weather and life in Jordan, he got a first mission from his commander in his unit. Also, he got an email from his old friend from college.


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