She Is Alive

Andy was sitting in the briefing room with his senior officer, First Lieutenant Robinson. Commanding officer came into the room. He said,
“How are you all doing?”
“I’m doing good. How are you sir?”
“Good, good.”
He stopped talking and looked both of their faces. He started talking,
“I’m here to brief you the mission for tomorrow. I’m sure you guys are already tracking it. Your mission is to attack the location where is a residential post of enemies in Iran. Tomorrow, both of you will fly F-35 and drop the Guided Warhead in that area. Execute it as instructed. After the attack, you guys will go to another Air Force base, RAFO Thumrait, in Oman where they operate refueling. Get refueled there then you will return to the base.”
After the brief, he walked out of the room. He thought,
‘Tomorrow is my first mission as a pilot. If I do it the right way like I did in training, I can complete the mission successfully. I can do it. It’s not going to be hard.’
First lieutenant Robinson said,
“It’s your first mission, right? Don’t worry about it. It won’t take that long.”
After he returned to his barracks, he checked his email. He found the email from his old friend.
Dear Andy,
Hey Andy, it’s been a while, my friend. I’m proud of you for serving in US Air Force. It’s a great dedication for our country. It must be hot there. I’m doing alright here, sucking in the office, you know. I’m still staying until late at night in the office. I think I should just join the military too. I miss the college. I have something to tell you. Julia is alive. But she can’t see anymore because of that accident. She is blind. We all visited her yesterday. We all thought she was dead. Nobody knew where she was. All other injuries are getting better, but unfortunately only her eyes are unrecoverable. When you come back from deployment, go to see her. I’m sure she wants to see you. Andy, take care of yourself well. I will talk to you soon.
Andy was shocked.
‘She was dead in me. When she thought I was Ethan after the accident, I knew I’m not inside of her. She loves him. I could never go inside of her. I’m just one of her good friends. There was no place for me in her. I might have enjoyed silly thing of missing her. And I did not want to mess everything up trying to make her love me. But I want to see her now. I’m so glad she is still alive. I want to see her again. I can tell her what I really wanted to tell her. I love her.’
In next morning, Andy flew his jet plane.


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