Island 2

As Andy’s jet plane lowered the speed, he ejected from the cockpit. After the eject, he opened his main parachute. He saw his jet crushed to the sea and he was also slowly falling to the sea. As soon as he fell on the sea, his body went deep under the sea. He took out his knife from his pants and cut the rope from parachute. Then he started swimming to the island. The sea felt clean and the island looked like it was never touched by human being from outside. When he reached the ocean sand, he lied down on it and looked at the sky. It was still cloudy. He thought,
‘I should have practiced swimming. What should I do now? How should I contact to headquarter?’
Several questions came across his mind. He looked at the island again. There were shrubbery trees at the end of the sand.
‘It didn’t look like a big island from the sky. Are there people here?’
He decided to walk around the island. He was so thirsty that he needed the water. He went through the trees to find the water first.
An ordinary looking forest filled with tall trees were in front of him. He passed the trees and carefully looked around the forest. He focused on listening to any sound. He could hear the birds and insects. As he kept walking for around 10 minutes, he saw something coming to his way. He crouched behind the big tree. The indigenous people with their swords on their waist. He started to get scared.
‘Were their islands like here in the world? What if they are cannibal?’
He kept looking at them walking by him. When he moved his leg to the back little bit, he stepped on the branch and it made the sound. They looked at the spot the sound was made. He quickly hid his body behind the tree. He looked at them. They were still looking at him. They slowly walked to him. He started running back to where he came, and they started chasing him too. When he turned left, one of the guys jumped and tackled him. Andy hit his head on the ground. He got knocked out.


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