At Hospital 2

Matt who was Andy’s coworker visited Julia in the hospital. She was lying down on the bed. He knocked on the door and entered the room. He said,
“Hello, how are you doing? I’m Matt.”
Julia sat up her body and looked straight in front of her. Matt said,
“I was Andy’s colleague.”
“Andy’s colleague?”
“Yep. We went to the same company before he joined the military. We got close during a year.”
“I see. Nice to meet you, Matt. I’m Julia.”
“Nice to meet you too, Julia. I hope I did not disturb you. Can I sit over here?”
He sat on the chair next to the bed. Julia said,
“Did Andy tell you about me?”
“He sent me an email from Jordan. I heard a lot about you from Andy. You were his friend from the college.”
“Yes. We are pretty close friend.”
“I’m sorry for what happened to you. Andy told me you cannot see because of the accident. He asked me to visit you instead of him.”
“Thank you for visiting me.”
“Andy was hoping to visit you, but he seemed busy with the work now. He is like my brother. Whenever I wanted to quit the work, he always cheered me up to stay in the company and work harder. His words always went a long way. But I didn’t know he would quit the job.”
Matt laughed as he talked about Andy. Julia said,
“I didn’t know he would join the military. I remember him talking about the recruiting notice on the board one time during the college semester.”
“I guess he was thinking of joining military since then. He is deployed to Jordan now.”
“I heard it from friends that he is in Jordan as a pilot. I wonder how his life is going there.”
“I’m sure he is doing well. It seemed he had known about your accident recently. He asked me to visit you few days ago.”
“Most people around me didn’t know about the accident. I didn’t have a chance to let them know and I haven’t talked to my friends for a while. Only few people knew it including my family.”
“I’m sure Andy is worried about you. He looks like an indifferent person, but he genuinely takes care of the people around him. He is a hard-working guy as well so he must be doing well in military.”
“I agree that. Please tell Andy that I always appreciate him. And I hope he takes care of himself before he comes back.”
“I will, Julia.”
“Thank you, Matt.”
“You’re welcome.”
They didn’t say anything. A short silence passed them by. Julia broke the silence,
“Andy is very precious friend to me. He is like a childhood friend that I can talk to him anything. He always listened to me and he was always next to me. Even though I cannot see his face again, I wish to talk to him again someday.”


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