Island Escape

Andy believed there will be Oman continent if he kept sailing to the way his jet plane fell. Oman was one of Arab ally of America in the Middle East. He had to be courageous to go back to America to see her. He was afraid of invisible fear on the sea. Anything could be there. However, he rowed the raft everyday looking forward. The sky was getting darker. He went to the spot that he stored the food and fruits to have the food for the day. There he found a girl who was lying down next to the foods with the eyes closed. It was the girl who tired to stop him making a raft. He was surprised by someone of the raft, at first. Then soon enough, his surprise turned into anger. He did not think that she will be on the raft before he left the island. He was already too far out of the island. He could not go back to island again. He ran vapid before he got mad at her. He could not help carrying on the sailing. She sat next to him looking downward.
He prepared to eat a meal. He did not hand her food. He didn’t know what to do with her. It was not his responsibility to be with her. She was annoying existence for him. She didn’t seem to want to eat the foods either. He thought she would be hungry too, so he shared the foods with her. He had to keep going forward. When the night came, he fell asleep on the raft, and so did she. They did not say anything to each other as usual. Three days passed and the foods almost ran out. They were getting more tired of the fear and anxiety in the middle of the sea. If she did not follow him on the raft, there would have been more foods. She reduced the amount of foods she eats in a day. She tried to watch his face to read if he is mad or not. The water was running out as well. The land of Oman was nowhere near and the sea wave was getting stronger today. He noticed the sunset.
The storm was coming. The wind was getting stronger. Big waves moved the raft all over the places. Both were holding onto each different pole on the raft not to fall on the sea. If she fell into the sea in this storm, she would not be able to survive. They were looking at each other in a fright. When she lost the grab of the pole, she tumbled on the raft. She was dragging down to the sea. Before she sank down, he quickly grabbed her hand to stop her from falling. He held her, and they held the pole together whole night until the storm passed by. After the night passed, all the foods in the raft were gone by the storm. His mouth was getting dried without the food and water. He was exhausted. He lied down on the raft looking at the sunny sky. She was lying next to him. Then the dark and big shadow blocked the sun he was looking. He got up immediately. The huge U.S. Navy ship was sailing by his raft.


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