In the middle of the sea, the Navy ship saved Andy and a girl. They offered enough food and water to them. They were medically checked by the medics in the ship. Andy had a conversation with the commander of the ship, and he identified himself as an Air Force pilot. Although it was hard to explain about the girl, he told them everything happened to him during the mission including the death of First Lieutenant Robinson. The Navy ship’s commander said that several ships was patrolling the area of Arabian Sea of Oman to search the jet planes and reinforce the alert after the two pilots of United States got shot down. Andy told them he was one of the two pilots. He didn’t have a time to be sad for his senior officer’s death. Andy felt that he was dead indeed from that assault from enemies after all. The Navy commander immediately contacted Air Force to inform about Andy.
He stayed in the ship with her, and he took her everywhere. To be more precisely, it was her who followed Andy everywhere he went. When he returned to the Air Force base thanks to Navy, he was still with her. His parents were notified by Air Force that he survived the shot down, so they came to see him Muwaffaq Salti Air Base in Jordan which is his first duty station. All the personnel in Air Force base welcomed his return. One of the officers in his company gave him tip off that he will be awarded. He did not return to work immediately. While he was staying in the base, he was called to commander’s office to talk about what will happen. He discussed with the commander what he wanted to do. He was told that his parents will be coming to base soon. Andy told his commander that he will be a responsible guardian of the girl for now. He decided to be on leave and his commander in Air Force approved his leave without hesitation. He wanted to go back to see Julia wherever she was at. However, he didn’t know exactly what to do with a girl he is with. He was the only person she could rely on. He told his parents that a girl will have to stay with him for now until he finds where she can stay.
He returned to his home with family and her. His parents thought Andy was dead, and so did his all friends because of his missing. Julia heard about Andy’s missing too. Andy’s mother recalled memory of the day the military soldiers visited her home. After the complete missing of Andy, Air Force sent the military personnel to his home that Andy is missing by the shot down. Two months ago, she was working at the kitchen in the morning waiting for Andy’s contact. She was thinking that Andy could not keep in touch with her because of busy works. She saw that three guys stepped out of car. They were wearing military uniforms. They walked in a row. She saw them through window coming to her house. Something choked her and it spread to her whole body. Ominous feeling flashed through her mind. She thought what might be coming, and that might not be what she was thinking. But her lips started to trembling cornering downward from the edge of it.


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