Faamily Dinner

When Andy and his parents returned to the home, she was still wearing the training uniform that she received from the Air Force. Andy’s mother lent her clothes. After they got home, Andy’s mother started to make a dinner for Andy. Matt who is Andy’s old colleague visited to see him. When Matt’s car arrived at Andy’s home, Andy opened the door to see him outside. They hugged each other. Matt said,
“I thought you were dead, Andy. I’m glad you are alive. Really. I missed you.”
Andy said, “I missed you too, buddy. I survived.”
They were hugging each other for a while. Matt asked,
“What happened to you?”
“I will tell you everything. Thank you for coming, Matt. Let’s go inside. It’s cold here.”
It was December. The outside was freezing with the grounded snow. They went inside together. Andy’s mother greeted Matt and she shook his hands. Andy introduced him to his mother.
“Mom, this is Matt. We used to work in the same company. He is my friend.”
Matt said, “Nice to meet you, Mrs. Edwards. I’m Matt.”
She said, “Nice to meet you too, Matt. I’m glad you came. I was making a dinner now. Have a dinner with us.”
Andy’s mother prepared a lot of foods for Andy. Matt found the girl from the island. She was standing next to the stairs that go to second floor. She was alert to everything. Matt asked in curiosity,
“Who is she?”
Andy said, “She was with me in the island. We got out of there together.”
Matt made a face that he did not understand what Andy said. Then Matt found Andy’s father coming out of the room. Matt greeted him as well.
They all sat at the big table surrounding it. They were having a good dinner that Andy’s mother put effort in it. Andy explained to everyone what happened during the first mission he had. He explained how he arrived island, how he lived there, and how he got out of there.
Andy’s mother said,
“It must be really hard time. I’m so happy you came back to us. We were so worried about you.”
Andy’s father said to Andy,
“Your mom did not sleep every night talking about you. I said Andy will come back to us so don’t worry about him,” he said with a smile. “So, what are you going to do with her?”
Andy’s father glanced at the girl. Andy said,
“It seemed she wanted to leave the island too. Probably, she might have to go back to island later. Until then, I will stay with her.”
Matt asked,
“So, she was hiding in your raft?”
They all looked at the girl in short moment. She didn’t know what they were talking about, but she felt that they were looking at her. She looked at them and Andy said,
“I will take care of her.”
Andy’s mother said,
“We don’t mind she is staying with us.” She looked at Andy’s father next to her.
Andy’s father said,
“Not at all.”
Andy said,
“Thanks mom and dad. Tomorrow, I will go to mall with her to buy her clothes and anything she will need. And I will show her how it is around here.”
Andy’s mother said,
“Okay, it’s better to get used to here.”
They finished eating foods. They cleaned the table. Only Andy and Matt were still sitting at the table. Matt was about to leave soon. Andy asked Matt,
“How’s Julia? Is she okay?”
“She got better a lot. She seemed to accept the reality that she cannot see anymore. Oh, you wouldn’t know this. She was married few weeks ago. Her father’s friend is a rich guy and his son liked Julia. He still liked her even though she is blind. I heard he is living in a big house with the chauffeur and house maids. They got married. I guess that’s good for her.”


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