The night came and everyone in the home fell asleep. A girl from island was staying awake in an empty room. They had an extra room that has not been used. She could not sleep yet. She thought,
‘What would he think if I go close to him? What would he think of me? I can’t be brave because I’m afraid of what could happen. I’m silly. I can only look at him from here. I’m afraid he might leave me. Now I’m thinking of the scars and sad days that could happen to me later. If he comes close to me, I wouldn’t know what to do even though it’s what I’ve been waiting from him. How could my heart hurt so much? How could I want someone like this?’
Although she knew he won’t come to her, she was expecting him. She laid down on the bed and looked at the ceiling. She was happy to be here, but she was anxious as well.
‘If I have a tantrum and cry to him, would he know my mind? When will my mind be comfortable? I want to know everything about him. When was the first time he came to my mind? I don’t want to make bad face in front of him. He never did to me. I want to keep my heart only for him. I will not give it to anyone else. I will be waiting for him alone.’
She fell asleep after a while. The morning came. Andy and the girl left the home in the morning. He took her to the car. He drove his car and she sat next to him in the passenger seat. She didn’t know where he was taking her. She was going to follow him everywhere he goes. She thought he felt little bit different.
‘Something happened to you?’
She thought that he looked tired. Andy started talking even though he knew she wouldn’t understand what he was talking about. He said,
“How are you? Did you sleep well?”
She didn’t say anything, but she just looked at him.
“There is a girl that I have loved. Her name is Julia. I just loved her by myself. I have never showed her my feelings. But she is married now. I think I still love her. I love her a lot.”
When he said that he loves her a lot, he looked at her. She was looking at him. She didn’t understand what he was talking about. But she felt something from his face. She found that his face looked sad and dark. She murmured,
“I love her.”
Andy heard it and said, “Yes, I love her.”
He pointed at himself, “I,” and pointed at her, “You,” and he said, “Love.”
They stopped by the mall and he parked the car in the parking lot. Andy got out of the car, so she got out too. He said, “Let’s go,” and walked to the mall. They started walking to the mall. She followed him. She walked next to him.
‘Whatever you say, I will always hold it onto me. My heart for you has become bigger inside of me, but you wouldn’t be like me because you are not me. I just like you by myself. I’m just happy staying with you. Can I hold your hand? Can I feel your warmness? Can I stay with you?”
The words did not fall from her mouth. Her eyes were quivering. Now she could hear her heartbeat in her ears.


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