The place she lives

Andy and a girl started walking to the place where Julia lives. It was distant from the city. The girl wanted to follow him wherever he goes. She walked next to him. The street road to the house was surrounded by the timbered trees. They walked together for around forty minutes to get to Julia’s house. They arrived at the house and stood in front of the door. It was bigger house than he thought. She married the rich guy who lives in this big house. It might have been meaningless even if he says that he loves her. She was even blind now. He was not as rich as her husband. Suddenly, he shrank away. Reality came around him. It was strange thing to visit her like this. He was just following his feelings. He has been painful for a long time by himself. Love has never been tiring thing for him. He wanted to see her even though she pushes him away with anger. The happy time he has spent with her with smile became tears in his heart. Just seeing her might be good for him. He thought,
“Has she ever thought of me as a man? Has she cried for me when everyone thought I’m dead?”
He couldn’t abandon the memories with her. He had to keep looking for her. Why can’t he love her? He thought he is not confident enough to live without her. He couldn’t just forget her. But he forgot that he can’t have her looking at the house. Andy and a girl went to the front door of the house. It was quiet around the house. He knocked on the door. He was getting nervous. He didn’t know what to say to her. When the door was opened, a mid-thirties woman with a maid uniform came out of the door. He said,
“Hello. My name is Andy. I’m Julia’s friend.”
“Oh, you mean Mrs. Beasley. How can I help you?”
He felt unfamiliar with the different name.
“Is she in the house now?”
“No, they went on outings. They are not here now.”
“I guess I’m late. Do you know when they come back?”
“They will probably be back tonight. Would you like to leave a name or a message? She will be happy to meet a friend because no one has ever visited her since she came here.”
“No, you don’t have to. I will be back later.”
Andy and a girl left the house. It was getting dark outside. Since it’s winter, the night was coming earlier than usual. It was now snowy, but it was still cold outside. He did not think what to say to her. She would not be able to see his face. He was wondering if she would recognize his voice. He decided to wait for her. He stood there waiting for her even though it was getting darker around him.


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