Andy was standing outside the house waiting for Julia. A girl was standing next to him. He thought she would be cold. It wasn’t snowy but it was quite windy. She was trembling her body by the coldness. He thought,
‘I should have brought a car. Maybe I should have not come with her.’
He looked around the road. There was no space to park the car on the road outside the house. He knew that before he came here. It would have not been a long talking with Julia. He looked at a girl. It’s been thirty minutes since he was standing there. She thought she should have not come here with him because she thought was disturbing him. She didn’t know why he was here. It seemed the person in the house was important person to him. Even though the person inside the house was someone Andy loves, she wanted to stick with him. She wanted him to always be with her. It was getting colder as the night comes. He started to get worried about her than himself. He remembered there was a gas station and a restaurant if they walk following the road from the house. The place was far from the city and the small several stores were in the middle of the field.
‘It would be better if we get there first. I will be able to come back here at not too late time later.’
He started to get hungry and so did she. He started walking the road with her. After the thirty minutes of walking, they arrived at the gas station. There was an ordinary restaurant next to the gas station. He saw the signboard saying Yard House. There was a big field around the restaurant. They entered the restaurant. There were not a lot of people inside. Two men in a same table, and a man was sitting on the separate tables. He has never been here before. When they entered the restaurant, a female worker greeted them. She guided them to an empty table. Andy and a girl ordered the food. He ordered meatloaf with baked beans and Fajitas. They could share the foods together in different dishes. She was not familiar with using fork and he knew it. He moved the foods from the bowl to the dish and gave it to her. He said to her,
“Take this and see how I use the fork.”
He took out some foods for his dish as well. He tried to show her how to use it. She used the fork fumblingly. He saw her struggling with it. She somehow started eating the foods. Andy felt a glance. The two guys from the other table glanced at Andy and a girl. Andy noticed them. The two guys were wearing black coats. They started talking in whisper looking at Andy and a girl.


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