Hello guys. My first story has ended. It’s short to be called novel, and it lacks dialogue to be a script. If you have read the whole story from the beginning till the end, I really appreciate you. Writing long story was harder than writing poems. I started writing aiming for the movie script. To summarize the whole story, it goes like this. There is a main character, Andy. Andy falls in love with Julia at first sight, but she had a boyfriend, Ethan. Andy just looks at Julia from the far distance. He remains as a friend of Julia through the college. After they graduate the college, they find the job in the different company. There he meets his friend, Matt. When Julia was struggling, Andy is there but he is just a friend. When Andy parted from Julia after they meet, he sees her getting hit by a car. He thought she was dead. He thinks that he was not inside of her at all because she was looking for Ethan. Andy have a hard time because of that. Then he joins the Air Force. He gets deployed to Jordan and goes on a first mission. He gets shot down by the enemies and survived. He ends up at the island in the middle of the sea. He escapes the island with raft with an island girl. She loves Andy. After Andy comes back to home, he tries to see Julia, but he could not meet her because she was not in the house. The girl was with him. While he is waiting for Julia, he gets robbed by two guys. He tries to protect the girl and they stab him with a knife. Andy dies and an island girl lies next to him in a snowy night. It’s a tragic story of a man who sincerely and truly loves only one girl. Honestly, I’m not satisfied with my story. I think I did not thoroughly go through the whole story before I write it. I had a vague big picture of story line. I did not give much time to think about the story. I missed too many scenes that explain the relationships between characters. It was hard to understand the deep motives of the character’s behaviors even though I’m writing it. I lacked details as well since I just wanted to move the story further. If I modify this story, I feel like I’d have to change many things. For example, why did Andy join the military? Why did Andy think Julia is dead?
Although not many people read my story, thank you for sticking with me. I’ll probably archive the whole story in a few days. And I’ll come back with the different story soon. I have many regrets on this story that I could do it better. I don’t want to have the regrets on the next one. I want to write the deeper story. If you have a feedback or comment for my story, please leave it on the comment section. Anything is fine. Thank you.


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