Younger Brother

Father orders his oldest son to hit his second oldest son’s head with hammer. Father pricks his son’s side face and side neck with sharp stick. The youngest son did something wrong. The oldest son hit his younger brother’s head with hammer. He does but father is not satisfied, so father stops his moves and glares him. Father pricks his first son’s neck and head more. The first son blames his brother in his mind for making sin.

He goes back to his room to lay down on bed. He blankly sees his books on bookshelf. Younger brother comes to him but he is still blaming and hating him. His younger brother seems rather sympathetic to him, not an appreciation or apology. Older brother is upset. He doesn’t talk anything to his younger brother. Younger brother doesn’t talk anything to him neither.

He decides to go play with his friends. His younger brother follows him. He is playing soccer with his friends. He enjoys it. His younger brother only stands there and watches him playing. He only plays with his friends. He doesn’t play with his younger brother. He ignores his brother. He feels tingly pain in his neck. He touches his neck and finds his blood on his hand.

His younger brother is lying on the grass. Blood is all around his brother’s body. Younger brother is covering his eyes and forehead with his right arm. So he stops everything and goes to his younger brother in shock. His mind is urgent. He lifts his younger brother’s small body with 2 hands. Younger brother whispers in low voice, “I don’t believe.”

He holds his younger brother and run. Younger brother is whispering something but he can’t hear him. The voice is too low. He looks at his younger brother whose face is hidden under his younger brother’s arm. He entreatingly wants to tell his younger brother to look at his face. He entreatingly wants to say sorry to his younger brother. The stained tears on his badly frowned face keeps looking at younger brother’s arm. But he can’t say anything.


Gun Shot

His younger brother got gun shot in his gut. He is hurriedly driving car to find the nearest hospital in downtown. He found random small hospital so he stopped the car. He started to run toward hospital holding his brother. Younger brother is struggling and his face is pale. He is bleeding a lot.

He couldn’t check what hospital’s profession is. He just holds his brother and goes upstairs to the hospital door. Then he goes to front desk. He says, “He’s dying! Please. He’s dying.” The woman points to room number 11111. As he reach there, a man came out of room with moving bed. He put his younger brother on the bed and follow inside the room. There is another man preparing for operation. They check his younger brother without any word. He sobs covering his face with his hands. He slowly step back out of room.


He is at airport with his younger brother who is 13 years old. He will go abroad alone to work because he has to support his family.

His younger brother is trying his best not to cry that he bites his under lips and still fixing his eyes on his older brother. Tears started to blur his eyes, and it made look of his older brother dim.

The older brother almost burst out crying but instead he slightly grinned.