First Date

She said see you later and have a good day. They both waved their hands to each other. She walks away. He stands still and watches her leave. He says, turn around and look at me. Turn around. Turn around. He keeps saying it. But she doesn’t turn around. She keeps walking. Maybe she is not interested in me, he thought. He walks away.


Get Over Myself

She says, “Someone in my workplace asked me out on a date. I will go out with him.”

He says, “Isn’t it good thing for you?”

She says, “I wanted to say something to you.”

He says, “What is it?”

She says, “I had a crush on you. But I think you already know that.”

He doesn’t say anything.

She continues, “Could you stay with me tonight because it is the last?”

He says, “No, sorry I can’t.”

She cries and says, “Now I can finally get over myself.


She asks, “Do you have any date you want to do with me?”

He says, “Yeah, we go to huge indoor swimming pool. When I come outside of locker room first after changing my clothes to swimming suit, I will wait for you. You come stand arm in arm next to me.”

She asks, “Is that all?”

He says, “That is all I want.”


He is thinking when was the last time he visited amusement park. He probably didn’t come here with girlfriend if he recalls it right. Now may be first time to come with girlfriend. He is happily enjoying the time. When he looks back past, all he did was envying others’ dates. She says she always wanted to go to haunted house with boyfriend too. He hates horror things.

‘It’s not going to be that bad.’ He thought himself as he walks into dark house entrance. Furthermore, it might be better than he thought because she is just sticking right next to him holding his right arm. Suddenly, something popped up with loud noise from the right side.


Eye Contact

He is nervous. It’s been a while since he had a date with a girl. They walk along the crowded university street. Then they go into bar because they are going to get a drink. There are many people in the bar. They sit on chairs face to face in second floor. They order food and drinks.

The conversation is smooth and comfortable. 1 or 2 hours have passed. But he feels like he couldn’t look in the eyes of her yet. He might have feared it. They stopped talking all of a sudden. He stares at her eyes quite eagerly as if he wants to show his heart to her. She doesn’t avoid his eyes as if she accepts him. He felt electricity from his and her eyes. It made his heart pound fast.