Someone In My Room

Who is jumping on my bed to wake me up? My door is locked so no one can come in my room. I’m lying down sideway so I see my lamp and desk. Am I still dreaming? Is this what I heard of before? I cannot move my body. I have to get out of here. I’m trying to move my arms. I even make a sound in my mouth to put energy on my arms. As I put more energy on it, I feel something is getting close to me from behind. I finally get out of it. Well no one is in my room. That was weird. I’m so tired. I want to go back to sleep. But when I close my eyes, someone keeps talking to me.



Another long story of dream. I remember only fragmented parts of the dream. Your fondness. Your love. How can I remember your love when I cannot even remember your face? Why am I missing you so much? Why am I becoming so nervous? What am I missing in my life? Who are you? I don’t want to forget you again. Where are you? I pass my day only thinking of the unanswered questions.

Past Life

I’ve got this strange feeling. I can’t ignore it. This must be the memory from my past life. I’m missing somebody. I’m caring somebody so much. It came to me when nothing is going on in my life. I can’t recall the dream when I wake up. I lose too much fragments. How do I know this feeling when I don’t feel this at all in reality? I’m trying my best to remember it. This is important to me. Who is this I am missing? I am afraid of forgetting this person but it won’t be forgotten. This love has been with me for a long long time. It must be love of my life. I can only meet them in a dream. It’s because it is in a dream. Maybe it’s because I miss them so much. I keep thinking of them.

Love Alone

The way you look at me is so lovely. What you say has love for me. It’s the real love. It’s unmistakable. I don’t need to ask you if you love me. The way we joke and laugh together is natural. I never thought we were this close. It is like we have been together forever. Whatever I do, I know you will understand me. Can I be happy this much?

I wake up lying in my bed alone. I’m disenchanted. But I’m glad that I could love with you in my life.

Morning Dream

He opens his eyes lying in bed. He hears piano sound from neighborhood. It’s too bright and fast for him. He is not sure if it woke him up. He hopes that piano sound is slow and relaxing so he can be more relaxed from his awake. He imagines the melody of Chopin’s Nocturne Op.9 No.2. Then he listens to it. He realizes that he is still in dream. With not too much of a surprise, he decides to just enjoy it. He thinks it sounds more beautiful in dream.