Her Eyes

She reminds me of someone so I keep staring at her having a hard time snapping out of her look. I don’t know who she reminds me of but it’s someone I want to remember. I slowly recall the memory of someone’s figure that made me fall in love. She seems to recognize my gaze. She stares back at me wondering why I’m looking at her, as if she is trying to ask me what I want. I feel that she stares right back at me. I know it can be weird but I don’t want to avoid the eye contact with her because I’m stuck trying to remember her. I want to know who it was. It makes me nervous that she might get mad at me for looking at her. About five seconds later, she turns her head to pay attention to other thing. What just happened? Although she is not looking at me, she would be aware of me. The way her eyes look resembled someone I loved.



He loves how she makes eye contact. She comes to stand very close to him boldly. Then she asks a question with genuine interest. The way she looks at his eyes seems even ardent. He can’t keep the eye contact because he won’t be able to resist smiling in front of her. He admires her mature behavior of the experienced person even though they have the same age. She knows how to be attractive.

She is doing the same thing to another guy right in front of him.

Eye Contact

He is nervous. It’s been a while since he had a date with a girl. They walk along the crowded university street. Then they go into bar because they are going to get a drink. There are many people in the bar. They sit on chairs face to face in second floor. They order food and drinks.

The conversation is smooth and comfortable. 1 or 2 hours have passed. But he feels like he couldn’t look in the eyes of her yet. He might have feared it. They stopped talking all of a sudden. He stares at her eyes quite eagerly as if he wants to show his heart to her. She doesn’t avoid his eyes as if she accepts him. He felt electricity from his and her eyes. It made his heart pound fast.