Red Flower

I see the red flower bent its head. I raise its head with my hand to make it look at me. It is cuter and more beautiful as I look at it closer. After a while, I let it leave from my hand. The red flower bend its head again. So I raise its head to see it again. Then I see its torn petal and wide spread pollen. My mind gets heavier as I have to leave the red flower in the rain.

Flower and Bee

Flying through the rain falling silently, quietly, a tired small bee sits on the flower.

I’ve let down my first flower in my life. I thought that I could live for her forever no matter how it is hurting and painful, but I know, I should respect what she loves mean more than anything. Even though other bees took all your nectar, it doesn’t matter. I’m just happy to find the flower in this rain. Please hug me. I’ve been waiting for this moment. More than one hundred times, no, more than one thousand times, I thought I want to say that I want to be hugged. Please give me your love. Please give me your dream. Please be my unforgettable memories. What is done is done. I will forget her. I will always be here with you. I will always be cheerful. Please smile for me. Please listen to my stories. I will always be your light. Please be my everything. I will be your everything. Please don’t wither away for me.

I cannot love you. Please don’t love me. I’m everyone’s flower. When this rainy night pass, you will be able to see more beautiful flowers in this ground standing under the bright sunshine. If you choose me for my beauty, I will be left to die someday. You will fly away from me. I can’t trust you. I can’t trust what bees say to me anymore. I will be lonely. All I wanted was a respect for being myself. As I try to hold them, they are vanishing before me. I can only be a shelter to you from this rain. You will never come back for me again. Please forget about me. Do it when you can. Please leave me. When the rain stops, your tears will cleanse your painful memories. I hope you find the flower that only loves you.