I have no right and courage to cry.

We all look different but we are all friends.

It has been hard to meet each other,

But we are all friends after all.

What you want is what I want.

I swear to our hands held together.

Your eyes telling me to cheer up,

Your smile encouraging me to live,

Remember our beautiful memories.

We all walk on with our dreams.

Childhood Friend

She says, “You don’t have girlfriend yet? I have a boyfriend though. Have you ever worked part-time job before?

He says, “Uhh no.”

She says, “I’m sure you can find girls from the workplace. I met him in the same workplace too. Almost all of my friends found their boyfriends in the workplace. Even small restaurants are fine.”

He asks, “How long have you been with him?”

She replies, “It’s been around 7 months.”

Lack of Courage

He hated how you talk to him. We both didn’t like him. We were smaller and weaker than him but we thought we had pride somehow. He was on stronger side in the middle school. He was taller and he hung out with many other strong boys. He started to beat you hitting on your chest and shoulder with fist. I was sitting right next to you watching it. I was scared. I was too scared in front of his violence. I wanted to stop him but I couldn’t. I’m really sorry I couldn’t do anything. I was coward. I can’t be a friend. I can’t be a hero. It’s so cold here. Please forgive my pusillanimous.

Next time when I meet you again, I will pick a fight on you to make you punch me in my face. Will that make us both feel better?


“Love is too difficult.” She says with smile. “I still feel lonely even if I have a boyfriend. Thank you for being here. I’m glad you are my friend. I’m comfortable with you. Let’s see each other longer than love.” He smiles back as it breaks his heart.

‘I love you.’ He says in his heart. ‘I hope the person who you feel sadness was me.’


He is just watching them arguing again. These two guys always did whenever they met. He is not sure if they are doing it because they want to lead this group of friends. But it was always fun to watch and listen to what they say. They didn’t always fight. He believes they also love each other. But today, it seems more intense than usual. He wasn’t aware of it that he habitually bites his under lips in this situation. He is biting it stronger today while watching them.