Confession 2

They are walking the street next to bridge where river flow under them. He bows his head as he puts his both hands into contact each other like praying in front of her. He says, “It’s my lifetime wish, please be my girlfriend!” She is dazed.


He is thinking when was the last time he visited amusement park. He probably didn’t come here with girlfriend if he recalls it right. Now may be first time to come with girlfriend. He is happily enjoying the time. When he looks back past, all he did was envying others’ dates. She says she always wanted to go to haunted house with boyfriend too. He hates horror things.

‘It’s not going to be that bad.’ He thought himself as he walks into dark house entrance. Furthermore, it might be better than he thought because she is just sticking right next to him holding his right arm. Suddenly, something popped up with loud noise from the right side.