My World

I believe we will never be apart. Wait for me little bit more. My mind is in a rush. The pressure keeps me distracted. I believe you. It’s the only feeling I’m living on. Tell me you believe me too. I won’t be able to find a girl like you. Tell me you will be mine. Take my dream and take my whole world. Show me your heart and show me your dream. May I stay with you? May I show you my everything? Would you still love me? Please be my only one person for my life.


Eye Contact

He is nervous. It’s been a while since he had a date with a girl. They walk along the crowded university street. Then they go into bar because they are going to get a drink. There are many people in the bar. They sit on chairs face to face in second floor. They order food and drinks.

The conversation is smooth and comfortable. 1 or 2 hours have passed. But he feels like he couldn’t look in the eyes of her yet. He might have feared it. They stopped talking all of a sudden. He stares at her eyes quite eagerly as if he wants to show his heart to her. She doesn’t avoid his eyes as if she accepts him. He felt electricity from his and her eyes. It made his heart pound fast.