Sometimes your carelss words and behaviors hurt my feeling. I cannot say what may hurt your feeling anymore whenever I hear what may be a scar to me. Even though my heart feels pain so much, I worry about you being hurt more than myself because I know you are a kind person. You are special to me. I’m getting more careful when I talk to you, and I think of your mind first. I changed because of you and I like myself. I will always be your intimate friend until you recognize me.



“Do you hear from people that you talk much? You talk too much. Stop talking meaningless stuff.”

“I just feel comfortable with you.”

“If you don’t want to be uncomfortable with me, stop talking now.”

After a silent moment.

“I’m so sorry I talked like that to you. I felt like I was getting swamped to your words and questions. I overreacted.”

“It’s okay. Since you leave sooner than I thought, I just wanted to talk with you more.”