It’s Fine

I said it’s fine. It can happen. It’s not fine for you probably. But it’s not fine for me at all when you said you regret sleeping with the guy because you have been waiting for so long to sleep with the guy for the first time. When you told me that, my world collapsed and I wanted to cry. I remember the song goes like, there is always someone faster. Why did I like that line? Did you pretend to like me since I was just one of your lists you can try to sleep with? I did not want you to tell me that because I like you now. You could have kept it a secret forever although it may hurt you. I don’t know what to do now.

Hard Time in Life

I wanted to reset my life. I believed I can just cleanse the past painful memory. I wanted to abandon everything and restart my life. I did it. But what I abandoned was the bond. I cut out the connection with people who I should appreciate them. I should have stood in pain until it pass, but I ran away from everyone.