He is alone at home today. Everyone is outside. He studies for the school exam tomorrow. Neighbors are quiet people so it is fine to study at his room. He thinks he is ready for exam, but he doesn’t want to lose concentration. Suddenly, his entire room started to shake. He couldn’t read book, so he halted to understand what is going on.

In short moment, he thought of earthquake. Books are falling from bookshelves. As the shaking gets stronger, it scares him more. He has never experienced this strong earthquake before. He lurked under table. He decided to stay there until it stops. It lasted few minutes, but it felt like forever. His mom came back home right away. She shouted, “We should go now, tsunami is coming,”.


She Gets Phone Call

Her works are almost done for today. After finishing data input of students, she can go home. Her phone rings. It’s from her older brother. It’s been a while since he made a phone call to her. She answers the phone, and greets with delight. His voice is different from usual. It’s low, calm, but quavery. He says that she should listen carefully and come here. He says mom had a heart attack. She froze up few seconds, then she covered her mouth with her hand.