The Last Night

You said you are not a girl who can love only one person. When I felt it was the last night that I can be with you, I wanted to drown myself in your eyes. Just close your eyes so I can kill you. I hope you don’t stop looking for someone you love. After I return to my life from you after that night, I cannot meet you anymore. But I want to spend the night with you again. Only the sadness left in me for meeting you accidentally. It seems you are coming close to me so I cannot stand it. If I could spend one more night with you, I want to give you all my love.


Lonely Night

Please don’t leave me. The night without you is too lonely and sad for me. You know it better than me. Please don’t say anything. I can’t believe that you are leaving me because you love me. Why should you leave if you still love me? I still have many things to tell you. If you still need to go, I will not say anything. What can someone like me do without you? You were my everything. However I feel sad, I know I can’t change your mind.