I will be here for you until you find what you truly want to do. I will not go anywhere far from you. Believe in me even when you get anxious because I believe what you told me is real. I want to say every beautiful words to you. You will remember how I describe our love. I will make our love bigger and bigger until it pushes away everything else in your heart, even yourself. When I hold you tight, I hope you feel it is right. I want you to hold me tight like we are becoming one.


For One Only

I wish my sad feeling is wrong. If I find out our love is in vain… Wait for me where you can see the ocean. The fog will disappear soon. Everything will be clear then. I will embrace the past sadness. If I reflect on your lonely eyes, will you come to me? Won’t you look at me if only a lot of time pass? The one I will stay with forever is only you.