Please God please make her love me. Someone is in my mind. I hope she is different from other girls who will pass me by in my life. It hurts to think of her and I can’t stop thinking of her. Please give me a strength to stand against my harsh reality. I will love with all my heart and soul. Please show me her true face. I want to be with her forever holding her hand. I want to show my everything to her.


The pastor told me to try praying. So I did it.

“Please listen to my wish. Please tell me my wish will come true. Please tell me how to do it.”

“Just do it yourself.”

“Why? Why don’t you tell me?”

“You won’t do it anyway.”

“You are right. I’m too tired. I smoke too much. I don’t even have a passion in anything.”


“Why don’t you say anything? Please tell me. What should I do?”

Then I fall asleep.

I’m tired of going to church.