Lonely Street

When my life gets dried, you come to me as a rain to pour on my heart. We are only thinking of each other. We are not so close and not so far. I whisper to you but I can’t say I love you. I’m afraid we might get farther away in an unstoppable time. We are just standing under the lights in lonely street missing each other.


My Foolishness

I know you are not mine. You belong to somebody you love. You tell me how good he is. You whisper how wonderful and cool person he is so I can feel how much you love him. It’s nothing for me. I wonder why you are telling me that but I will listen to you. I believe that you will love me as much as you love him. I know that the girls will stay away from me as much as they can when I say my love. Although I know it, I often wish you still recognize my heart for you. I’d like to trap myself in my fantasy and even enjoy my world, as if I don’t learn girls, being aware that you will get further away from me. But still, I just keep waiting for you in the endless rain.

Cool Down

It’s rainy night on the street. The music sound from somewhere. No more white shining smile of you. Rain erase our memory of all love. Although time passed, I hate to show my loneliness which is still with me. As I stand alone on this dark street, I look at the emptiness of your figure of my own world. The reflection of my shabby shape on the glass. I think of the love again that we couldn’t achieve. The blurred vision in my eyes by the rain. The fog surrounding your cold smile. I’d like to forget you when this night pass.

I Loved You

It’s raining outside. We listen to the sound of rain coming from the window. You are standing far away from me. You are staring at me. I remember how you were pretty in my eyes. I can’t look back at you like I did before. Your voice I loved vanish into the rain. I will disappear from your teary eyes. I wish I could come close to you like I used to hug you tight. But I can’t do it anymore. I can’t go close to you. Although I loved you so much, only thing I can do now is looking at you from here. There is nothing left to say. All the memories we had would make me miss you. I will not forget them. I won’t be here with you when you are lonely. I can’t help leaving you. I loved you.