He comes out of building through the door. She is coming from distance to the door. He holds it for her, not fully caring and looking where she is. She lightly hastens her walking to the door. She says, “Thank you,” with a smile on her face. He glimpses at her with a hardly visible grin, and replies in hardly audible voice, “You’re welcome.”


He loves how she makes eye contact. She comes to stand very close to him boldly. Then she asks question with genuine interest. The way she looks at his eyes seems even ardent. He can’t keep eye contact because he won’t be able to resist smiling in pleasure. It feels like mature behavior from the experienced person even though they are same age. She knows how to be attractive.

She is doing the same thing to another guy right in front of him.

Unnatural Smile

Actually, he didn’t mean to travel with these 2 girls who he knew in same college. He was only about to guide them to a cheap place to stay in LA since they met by chance. But now they are staying in same hotel in separate room. They went to observatory on mountain together to look down the whole LA downtown.

He asked a middle aged woman to take a picture of them. He was in the middle between them. Just before she takes a picture, he hugged them with each arm, trying his best to make a smile and look cool. But it did not come out as he expected. His eyes were not smiling, and face muscles moved arbitrarily.