On Bridge

A mother and a boy walk the bridge. A man is standing on edge of the bridge. People are gathered near him.

Someone says, “Don’t jump, come down from there.”

A mother grabs her son’s hand and walk fast. A man jumps, and people scream. A mother covers her son’s ears and stops him when he tries to turn around to see them. She says, “Let’s go,” and walks faster with him.


I am Ashamed of You

She has waited for his son to come back home. Now he is here. “What is your problem? They say it wasn’t even that difficult. You go to school same as other your friends, and you also go to study academy like others with my and your father’s money. Is this all you can do?” Mother shouted. She is holding his test score paper. “Would you get ahold of yourself only if I whip you?” She is holding the solid stick in her another hand.

Father’s Love

He is watching TV alone sitting at couch. It’s getting dark outside, so he turned on lamp. His father sits on chair next to the couch to watch TV. Then his father looks at his son saying, “Is everything alright?”. He looks back his father but he wavers like he wants to tell something. Something in his mind stops him.

Father moves to sit next to him on couch, but the son deliberately fixes his eyes back on TV. He thinks something happened to him. He gazes at his son, and calls his name. His son looks at him. They look at each other for 5 seconds without saying anything. He catches his son’s face being contorted from sadness. He hugs him. He says, “It’s okay son, you can tell me everything,”. His son starts to cry in his arms.