Are You Angry?

She asks with an innocence eyes and voice. He is not sure if she knows that she made him angry or not and asking the question. The doubt in his mind makes him confused, even angrier. It’s because he was feeling that she knows so well how man’s mind works, especially to a cute girl like her. He feels like he is her toy.

Long Sleep

He took a drug that he invented. He is surrounded by illusions. It made him live the world he wants to see. He goes on a long journey in subconsciousness without waking up. But he is not dead. He doesn’t know it is not real world. His subconsciousness build his world for him slowly and steadily as he walks on. His passion never disappear. He seeks for happiness.


He is walking in the rain. People who are holding umbrella pass him by. He hears them talking that makes his heart hurt. Rain mix with tears in his eyes. He can no longer hide his mind. He cries out in his heart, ‘Please hug me, only you can dry my tears.’

Reality Check

He looks in the mirror. He sees his face and eyes. He says in his heart, ‘I am a billionaire.’ He becomes a billionaire. He has a lot of money. Then he comes back to reality. He is not a billionaire. He doesn’t have much money.

Unsent Message

He writes on phone.

‘Hello. It’s Ray. How are things going? It’s been a while. Maybe 2 years. I want to apologize to you. I’m sorry for what I said through message. You never replied me back. I knew it would offend you and make you angry. I regret my behaviors. I’m in the dark now. It hurts to think of you. I miss you a lot. I wish I could be able to talk to you again.’

He doesn’t know what he wants so he just deletes everything.


He is completely drunk because of his colleagues in company. He still made it to home safely on foot. His wife is mad. He vomits all over the places. She tries to take his clothes off so he can sleep on bed. Then he says, “Lady, don’t take my clothes off, I have a wife.” He showed her ring on his finger.