He looks through in his disciple’s eyes. He says, “You don’t want to get left behind. You don’t want to fail this. It’s not hard. If you follow these as I just told you, you can get through it. Just follow me. Alright?”

Not Yet

He says, “Why didn’t you tell me you love me? I’ve been waiting to hear it so much for a long time. It’s not late yet. Don’t say sorry to me. We will start our love now.”

It’s Fine

It’s ok even if you are with someone now. Is he holding your hand? Is he touching you? Does he kiss you? Do you love him? It’s fine. It’s ok. I’m fine. We still have a lot of time. My life may change. But my heart will remain the same to you.

Do You Love Me?

She says, “Do you love me? I”m a stubborn woman and I get arrogant sometimes. I talk a lot and I’m careless to mess everything up in my room and I’m actually fatter than you think.. can you still love me?”