Andy and a girl finished eating the dinner. Andy said,
“Can I get the bill, please?”
The female employee brought the receipt for his table. Andy gave her a good enough tip. He glanced at the table where the two guys are sitting. They were not looking at him. He thought he was just being a little sensitive. Andy and a girl got out of the restaurant. He looked around a gas station and a restaurant. It got really dark. It was already 9pm. There were several streetlamps between the distances. There was a flat and wide field in front of him. There was no car on the road. He saw the mountains above the field and faint lights of the city at the opposite of the mountains at the end of the road. Andy and a girl started walking toward the house again.
Suddenly, the two guys that Andy saw in the restaurant started walking to Andy and a girl. He heard the footsteps of them. He looked back over his shoulder. When they got close to Andy, one of the guys who is taller than the other talked to Andy.
“Hey there! Are you having a good time with your cute girlfriend?”
Andy did not reply anything. He started to get worried. He glanced at a girl next to him. She was looking at them right next to Andy. She looked nervous. He shortly looked around him. There was no one passing by. He looked at them. The tall guy took out the knife out of his pocket and put it in front of Andy’s face. He said threateningly,
“Give me your wallet if you don’t want to die.”
Andy did not say anything. He was thinking what to do. He didn’t have much cash in his wallet. The other guy tried to touch the face of a girl. The guy said,
“Woo, she is a cutie.”
Andy moved her behind of him with his arm to not let him touch her. They were burglars. He thought they might be targeting the rich guys around here. They were right in front of him with the knife. He could give his wallet to them, but he was worried about the girl behind him holding his arm. He thought,
‘I should protect her.’
He said,
“Okay,” and pretended to get the wallet from the inside of his jacket. Andy struck out the knife that he was holding and kicked him in the stomach. The tall guy tumbled back to the back. The other guy hit Andy’s face with his fist, and Andy threw his body to him. He looked back at her and yelled at her,
A girl was hesitating to leave or not from his yelling but then she started running to the road that they were walking. He looked back to check her leaving there. Andy kicked him and saw the tall guy charging at him with the knife. Andy held his arm and started struggling with him. Andy punched him. He picked up the knife that the tall guy dropped on the ground. When Andy punched him, the other guy was taking out his knife and charging at Andy.


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