I have had great leadership in second platoon, Raptors. Sergeant Raf was my first squad leader. And I had Sergeant Davis, Sergeant Mcgaskey, Stevens and Uy in my squad. I still remember Sergeant Davis telling me that he has a faith in me when he became a Sergeant. Sergeant Davis genuinely cares about me, always wondering how I’m doing. That made me feel like I’m a part of a family. He talks a lot sometimes but there are wisdom and knowledge which come from his experience. He has tattoo in his both arms saying wisdom and knowledge. I learned a lot from his leadership. He shows us what true leader is by acting upfront, not just ordering what to do. I’m glad I could work with him. I believe he will be promoted to higher Non-commissioned officer someday for sure. I hope he spends good life and time in next duty station. Thank you.

Her Eyes

She reminds me of someone so I keep staring at her having a hard time snapping out of her look. I don’t know who she reminds me of but it’s someone I want to remember. I slowly recall the memory of someone’s figure that made me fall in love. She seems to recognize my gaze. She stares back at me wondering why I’m looking at her, as if she is trying to ask me what I want. I feel that she stares right back at me. I know it can be weird but I don’t want to avoid the eye contact with her because I’m stuck trying to remember her. I want to know who it was. It makes me nervous that she might get mad at me for looking at her. About five seconds later, she turns her head to pay attention to other thing. What just happened? Although she is not looking at me, she would be aware of me. The way her eyes look resembled someone I loved.

Wisdom Teeth

As my wisdom teeth come out, it all ended. My love ended. And my heart ended. But rest of my teeth still talk. It still lives on. My life still lives on although it doesn’t have the direction. My wisdom teeth resisted to come out of my mouth that makes my mouth hurt. My heart hurts. It is still coming out of my mouth. It did not come out yet. The pain is still hurting my mouth. It all ended but my love stays in my mouth.

She left.

Unending Time

I pray for unending time whenever I meet you. Time goes fast, said every old men I have met in my life. It is indeed fast. Time has been too short to express my feelings. Loving is an unfamiliar behavior for me, but if this conversion is not a love I don’t know what is. I’m thinking of you in every moment, but I’m becoming insecure. I will love you without anyone knowing it. I will love you even after I am born again. We have met in an improbable odds. Among all the countries in this world, all the states, all the cities, and out of all the people we have passed by, we met in this place. You might say it is too early for us to say love. You might think of me as a frivolous man. If you trust me, my time will stop. I will not say anything anymore. Say yes. Say that you will always be in the unending time with me.