Andy was stabbed by the guy in the stomach. Andy dropped the knife that he picked up. Andy lost the strength to stay standing up. He fell on the ground. The guy who stabbed Andy said,
The other tall guy looked around and said,
“Hey, we gotta go.”
The guy was looking at Andy. The tall guy moved him and ran to the back where they came from. Andy was still conscious. He checked his stomach. The blood began to come out more from his body. He felt that his body was trembling. He could not control his body. He couldn’t move at all. He looked at the front. It was dark around him and he could not find anyone. It was quiet. He recalled the memory. He saw Julia saying, “Over here. Come over here!” It was the day when he was going to camping with her and friends. He thought,
‘Please not now. I need time. Little bit more time.’
He still could not move his body.
‘It seems that all I really was doing was waiting for her. I wanted to see her again even though I must willfully insist against my destiny. There is nothing that doesn’t change. Everything changes, even the person and love. Time may change everything of her, but my memory of loving her of that time and the girl I loved never changes in my heart. I don’t regret. Her. The moment I met her. The time that I loved her alone.’
The girl came back and found Andy lying on the ground. He ran to him. His eyes were closed. He shook his body. He was not breathing anymore. She hugged him. His stomach was covered in blood that she could see it from his red clothes. She lightly swept down the stain. She held his hand and said,
“I love you.”
She said it again. It was the words that she heard from him in the morning. He was not moving anymore. Her eyes became red. Tears started to well up in her eyes. She wanted to see his smiling face. She has hoped his happiness. But he was not moving anymore. She carried him on her back and went to middle of the field. Andy’s body lied down sideway. She lied down next to him and held inside of him. Then she felt something on her face. She stood up. She looked around the field. She could see faint lights around her coming from the far city. The snow started to fall. She walked around the field. It was the snow that she saw at the college. The snow was accumulating on her head and body. She felt cold in her hands. She went back to where he was lying down sideway. She lied down next to him and held him. She closed her eyes.


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