State Street

He texts, ‘I’m doing my paper works. I will let you know estimated time later. Great!’

She replies, ‘Ok :)’

He texts, ‘Shall we meet in front of the pizza di roma restaurant at 1 pm?’

She replies, ‘Ok!’

5 minutes later.

He texts, ‘How do you think of Korean restaurant at State street?’

She replies, ‘Good! I like it. I will arrive at pizza restaurant at exactly 1 pm.’

15 minutes later.

He texts, ‘I’m coming up from State street!’

She replies, ‘I’m sitting on the chair here in front of restaurant.’


“Among them, there were some people that we reached the agreement on how it can be helpful to each other and how we have common in identity between their works and conpany.. what?” asked the guy with a smile.

She is smiling, “I’m listening.”

“So I was very happy to talk with them! At first we were so worried that it would…”


He writes the note thinking people see it later after he leaves the community.

‘There will be no better player than me and at least within 10 years. Form is temporary but class is permanent. I’ll come back to community someday like nothing happened. We will meet again.”

Then he thinks that if people feel sadness, then it’s theirs, not his. He doesn’t have to write such things hoping they miss him in the future for his absence. He should just remain everything the way it is.


Umpire calls the ball strike. The guy in the seat comes closer to batting spot.

He yells, “It was outside. Are you blind? What’s the matter with you? That was a terrible call.”


How deep should I go into my mind to find the reason I love you? I can’t confide. I might cry. I’m afraid. My face would look awful when I stand in front of you. Don’t look at my face. Actually, look at me please. Can you love me? If you are still with me, I will be able to believe in love. I will live my life to be with you.

Her in the Picture

I saw you and your friends smiling in the picture. There are four people including you in the picture. You must have had good time at that night with foods and alcohols in the picture. Other two people look like they are brother and sister but the other guy is another guy. He looks little bit older than you or me. He is not as much handsome as me but he is handsome. You blushed faintly with a slight smile. My mind might have been more comfortable if you were making a big smile like you are having a good time with your friends. But you smile like you are shy in front of him. I think something happened between you and him, before or after. I’m confused. I wonder who that guy is to you. Now I can’t stop imagining him whenever I look at your face. You definitely had fun at that night. I wish I did not see this picture. I wish I was cooler than I am. But I’m not.

Constant Tree

It’s afternoon. Up on the hill, there is a tree called Constant Tree. It’s easy to climb. He is climbing the tree and looking at the flowers that look like gathering of dust or cloud. Some people who are wearing gas masks come near him to pick up the fallen cloudy flowers. He comes down the tree. Then these people try to take a picture of him. He yells, “Stop it,” and walks away.

He goes down to town and walks around. The sky is getting dark. It’s a beautiful town.

She says, “It’s no fun to talk with him. I will listen for you.”

He says, “Have you ever heard of Constant Tree? It’s up there. But it’s too dark now. hmm.. I think it’s more beautiful at night.”

Her boyfriend appears and comes to her. He just go alone. He pass him by. They kiss behind him.

He is standing in front of Constant Tree. She followed him. He talks to her, “Like I said, it’s a beautiful tree.”