I have had great leadership in second platoon, Raptors. Sergeant Raf was my first squad leader. And I had Sergeant Davis, Sergeant Mcgaskey, Stevens and Uy in my squad. I still remember Sergeant Davis telling me that he has a faith in me when he became a Sergeant. Sergeant Davis genuinely cares about me, always wondering how I’m doing. That made me feel like I’m a part of a family. He talks a lot sometimes but there are wisdom and knowledge which come from his experience. He has tattoo in his both arms saying wisdom and knowledge. I learned a lot from his leadership. He shows us what true leader is by acting upfront, not just ordering what to do. I’m glad I could work with him. I believe he will be promoted to higher Non-commissioned officer someday for sure. I hope he spends good life and time in next duty station. Thank you.


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