Andy and a girl went into the mall. There were quite a lot of people. It’s been a while since he came to the mall in the town. Nothing has changed. The world was still going when he was in the island. He looked for the women’s clothing department. He went upstairs. A lot of clothes were in front of them. Everything was new in the eyes of a girl. She couldn’t take the eyes off them. There he visited a corner and asked female employee,
“Hello, I’d like to buy some clothes for the girl here. Could you help me with it?”
She replied,
The female employee thought that the girl is not his sister because her skin color was different than his. She thought a girl is someone he knows. She asked,
“What would you like to see?”
“I think sweaters, pants, or jackets would be good for this winter. Like warm clothes.”
He thought she has lived her life in a warm climate so the winter in here could be cold for her. She said,
“Come with me, please”
She took them to the sweater clothes rack. She said,
“How do you like these sweaters? It’s a trend nowadays. They come out in different colors too.”
The employee looked at them, but a girl did not say anything. He said,
“That looks good.”
He looked at her. Since she did not show any response for it, he picked the color. He said to a girl,
“This dark red sweater looks good to me. What do you think?”
She opened her eyes wide and pointed at herself looking at him. He replied,
“Yes. This is for you.”
Then he picked up the sweater and put it in front of her. He said,
“I think it will fit you well.”
She looked back at him and the sweater. She liked it. She liked that he was picking the clothes for her.
The employee said,
“It fits her very well. This red sweater is the most popular one.”
He looked at the girl. She didn’t seem to dislike it. He said,
“I will take it. Show us other clothes too.”
Andy and the girl looked around more clothes in the women’s clothing department. They spent almost two hours. He has never had a sister, but he thought it would be like this if he had one. She seemed to enjoy the shopping, so he was glad that he brought her to the mall. They bought two long sleeves shirts, two sweaters, two pants, and one big jacket. He saw her making satisfied face before they come out of the mall.


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