Andy and a girl left the clothes they bought and went to the college he was attending. Andy wanted to visit the college. It is the place where he has many good memories. He met Julia for the first time there. He went to the classroom building that he fell in love at first sight with Julia. It was the end of the winter semester in the college. Some students were walking around the campus. There Andy was standing in front of the door looking at Julia who is walking with her friend toward the door. He was seeing illusionary Julia again as if he is in a dream. He wanted to see her again. He thought it was okay just to see her again. There was no guaranteed promise between Andy and Julia. He thought she wouldn’t know that he is still alive. He sat on the bench. A girl was playing with the snow around him. She has never seen the snow in her life because she has lived her whole life in the island of Arabian sea. She touched the snow with bare hands. He didn’t know where Julia was living. He thought Matt might know where she is living now. He called Matt and he answered the phone soon.
“Hey, Andy.”
“Hey Matt, how’s it going?”
“It’s alright. How are you doing, Andy?”
“I’m doing fine. Do you know where Julia lives?”
“Julia? Umm. I think she said she is living around Madison. Yeah, she lives there.”
“Do you know the exact address?”
“Yes. Give me a moment.”
Matt was away from phone call for a moment and talked to Andy again.
“It’s 504 Pine Street.”
“Does she know that I’m back here?”
“I don’t think so unless someone talked to her about you. I haven’t talked to her for a while either. Do you want me to tell her?”
“No, you don’t have to. Thank you for the address.”
“No problem. She would be glad if she knew you are alive.”
“I’ll talk to you later, Matt.”
“Sure, Andy. Is everything good for real?”
“Yeah, yeah. Everything’s fine.
“Okay. Let me know if you need anything.”
Andy hung up the phone and checked the address of where Julia is. The place was not that far. There weren’t many houses near that location. He had to drive up the hill and go near the mountain. He has had driven around there and several big houses were in quite distances. He had thought those houses are for the rich people. He looked at the girl. She was still crouching and playing with the snow. He went to her and crouched next to her. He said,
“Isn’t it cold? Are you okay with your hands?”
He rubbed her hands with his hands. She was crouching still. He felt that her hands were cold and wet. She thought his face looked sad.


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