He looks at her.

‘I will not give up. Please don’t make that sad face. I don’t want to see it. I want to see your smile. How much more pain should I get to make my small wish come true? Do you regret that you are with me now? However the difficulties I should go through, I will still love you.’


He sits on chair and thinks, ‘Is she really leaving in next month? What am I supposed to do when she leaves me? I was always with her for past 2 years. I thought she will be with me forever. Is it my fault? Nothing is important except her. She is my everything. I can’t live without her.’

Get Over Myself

She says, “Someone in my workplace asked me out on a date. I will go out with him.”

He says, “Isn’t it good thing for you?”

She says, “I wanted to say something to you.”

He says, “What is it?”

She says, “I had a crush on you. But I think you already know that.”

He doesn’t say anything.

She continues, “Could you stay with me tonight because it is the last?”

He says, “No, sorry I can’t.”

She cries and says, “Now I can finally get over myself.


She says, “You think I’m a bitch like other girls who sleep with many guys anytime they want to? You told me to come to your house but we didn’t know each other. And I…”

He says, “No I just… I thought you were thinking what I was thinking because you know we were talking together for a long time. It’s really my fault. I’m sorry.”

Dark Room

They say I shouldn’t go into that room. I’m doing my work with my laptop alone at the desk. I’m so focused on my work. Then I was standing in front of the room. I unlocked the door, and I opened it. I can remember doing that myself. I think I heard something from room. It’s pitch black. It’s so dark inside. My brother called my name. He said, “What are you doing there? She said you shouldn’t go in there.” I came back. I quickly backed out of the room. I screamed. She said, “No one came back from the room after they go inside of room.” Something was attracting me to the room.


She walks fast toward him crying. She remembers his love and kindness. She throws herself into him and cries more.

He looks at her and think, ‘How long has it been since we last met?’

It Seems

It seems your face is changed. It seems it’s because you have a boyfriend. It seems I feel like crying. It seems I wanna forget you who I’ve been only thinking of. It seems you are just an imaginary girl. It seems you forgot me already. It seems you are happy now without me. It seems I won’t be able to see you again.